My Personal Mission

Elevating confidence by strengthening personal image and effectual professional presence


LaShanda excels at image building. She has helped hundreds of men and women embrace and understand the value of the ABCs: Appearance, Behavior and Communication. Such are the premier essentials of managing one’s image and presenting for an effectual professional presence. The game-changing results for many of LaShanda’s clients have been found in their experiences of stronger personal and career performances, becoming more marketable and gaining more visibility in their respective environments and work spaces. Through various engagements with LaShanda, whether one-on-one coaching, workshops, or hearing her speak, you will quickly understand “the way we choose to present ourselves affects the way we think, feel, speak, act, and the way others react to what we present.”

LaShanda has 35 years of image building and consulting experience.  She discovered her passion in the fashion industry and entrepreneurial lifestyle at the early age of 16. She continues to be passionate about empowering others through personal discovery and image building for an effectual professional presence. Her fashion and styling experiences allow her to stay on top of fashion trends around the world, and include: owning a ladies clothing and menswear tuxedo boutique, being a clothing buyer and designer, styling from television to stage personalities, producing runway shows, being a retail consultant, fashion writer contributor for major publications and businesses, co-author of Professionables – “Every Woman can be Fashionable and Professional.  LaShanda helps her clients understand the correlation between fashion and image. One’s attire is connected to the POWER of his or her personal and professional image.  This attitude has led her to becoming co-founder of the DW Designs Leadership Program. LaShanda participates in many mastermind groups, speaking at conferences and sharing the platform with renowned speakers, also hosting workshops centered on strategies and has received  of strengthening your executive presence, managing your personal image, and teaching life skills that creates the “X” Factor of having that competitive edge.

LaShanda is actively affiliated with several groups and organizations and is equally committed to the community. She shares her message and results-oriented content in schools, community organizations, churches and workplaces.  She believes that every entrepreneur, leader, emerging leader, C-suite executive, and anyone seeking to achieve an effectual executive presence is a candidate for learning how to align their skill set with their personal image to build confidence, credibility, and trust as they lead and find doors of opportunity opening. She volunteers in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System, Goodwill Industries, Women’s International Exchange organization and several non-profit boards. She is a committed member to the International eWomen Network, Good Friends,   UNC-Charlotte Alumni Association, and Alumnus of Mary Candor’s Women Advantage Organization and Women Business Center of Charlotte Advisory Council.  She has received accolades such as Cafe Mocha SaluteHerBusiness Legacy Award, IChange Nations Golden Rule Award, City of Winston-Salem Business Leaders Award.

LaShanda is a native of Winston-Salem, NC.  Her brand “LaShandaM3” is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.  She graduated from UNC-Charlotte received a BA in Business and received her Life Coach certification and completed course at Carolina School of Etiquette.  Her intuitive style, ability to think strategically, more than a few moves ahead, time management and goal setting action plans are among the business disciplines that make her unique in the Image Consulting industry.

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