My Results Oriented “ABC System”:

Strategies and Solutions in “Strengthening Personal Image:

Covering TOPICS: (not limited to, can be customized)

APPEARANCE Breaking the code and understanding the executive polished look, Crafting goals to create your career style, Addressing the appropriate style, fit and colors

BEHAVIOR – Drawing others to you through strong listening skills, how to appear confident, good posture, facial expressions matching your message, determining your volume, how to control your emotions

COMMUNICATION – How to connect and engage people, how to deliver impactful language to build credibility, how to be clear and concise when communication/presenting your message

Strategies and Solutions in “Strengthening your Executive Presence “

The importance and statistics of Executive Presence in the workplace; Men vs Women

Executive Presence vs Personal Image

“Qualities” of Executive Presence: 11 traits

Self-evaluation from the list of 11 Traits

Executive Presence Assessment

Time Management Exercise

Confidence Exercise- Verbal and Nonverbal Communication


Image Matters: Maximizing your Self- Presentation through Appearance and Communication

*Increasing understanding and efficiency in clothing selection, coordination, and usage

*Guidelines for all levels of professional dress

*Learning the 4 A’s of dressing/* Learning Style Scales

*Being aware of verbal and nonverbal communication

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