La Shanda excels in image building.  She engages her audience in workshops, seminars, corporate settings and stage platforms  by helping them quickly understand “the way we choose to present ourselves affects the way we think, feel, speak, act, and the way others react to what we present.” Her workshops are designed to to enrich your career by helping you to excel in the marketplace.

How to Maximize Your Professional Presence in your Work Space”

Topic: Maximizing Your Professional Presence

Power of Appearance- discovering your Value System

Power of Behavior- Discovering behavioral beliefs that can enhance your career

Power of Communication- Build your credibility among your work space teams/clients

ABC System Workshop: (60 minutes / 3 Hours )

*Interactive activities that allows companies/businesses to build resilient leaders and strategic thinkers 

*Understanding the importance that skill set and Image must align

*Discovering unique abilities of enhancing professional presence that makes one more noticeable and visible in the work space 

*Become aware of verbal and nonverbal workplace communication

*Other Customized Enrichment Workshops :(put this line in the turquoise colors like the rest since it’s the heading)

*Dress for Success

*Strategies to develop your Professional Presence

*Dining Etiquette and Protocol to be prepared for meetings

*Building Self-Esteem and Appropriate Assertiveness Skills for the workplace

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